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Combining comfort and unparalleled support with esthetic appeal that is the hallmark of French elegance, Empreinte offers women a world of new sensations. The touch of lace, the feeling of lightness, the thrill of a newfound silhouette, enhances self-esteem, giving women the freedom to be themselves. Empreinte’s unique savoir-faire relies on precious materials and exceptional skill. Their innovative seamless couture is the secret of their renowned lingerie. Everything they create, design and craft is conceived with women in mind – no wonder they are our most popular brand! 


Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel enhances the beauty of women. With its spirits of haute couture, it has become a by-word for luxury French lingerie throughout the world.  The brand was born, more than half a century ago, in the cradle of luxury, driven by the constant search for beauty and extreme comfort in the heart of the silk neighborhood of Lyon.  
Over the decades, Lise Charmel has always shared the same values for perfection, unique savoir-faire and a strong passion for sophistication and creativity.



SHAN Swimwear

SHAN is known for the superior quality of its luxury products and for its performance and creative passion. It is preceded by its reputation and integrity: since its foundation in 1985, the company is vertically integrated from the product’s ideation to its manufacturing, distribution and sale, making its identity fully Canadian! 
With its drapes, pleats and top stitching’s, a SHAN creation is synonymous with superior quality, innovation and luxury.  SHAN’s resort wear clothing is comparable to garments from top renowned brands through its superior quality, its avant-garde design and its handmade manufacturing. The company brought swimwear to a new level by creating functional yet luxurious swimwear, with unique styles to suit all body types.


Christine Lingerie

Beginning with her grandmother’s collection of delicate, hand-made lace, followed by a profound love for romance, Christine Morton was inspired to become an artist.
Over four decades later, Christine Lingerie takes pride in their passion for beautiful garments, attention to detail, and the unique ability to mirror the beauty they see in the world into their exquisite, hand-crafted collections.



We our proud to carry Anita’s line of best-selling high impact sports bras that know no compromise! These sports bras provide unparalleled support, while being so comfortable you’ll want it as your everyday bra!



 For years, Aubade has been at women’s sides, encouraging them to be free. Now, Aubade is continuing in the spirit of the unforgettable Lessons in Seduction that inspired a whole generation of women in France, whilst adapting to the new, instant communication methods offered by new technologies, with a new direction that speaks to all women.



With a strong commitment to ingenuity, engineering and quality as a humble beginning, Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers established their sock and stocking factory here in Bregenz on the shore of Lake Constance back in 1950. With the arrival of circular knitting machines to create seamless stockings, plus the first integration of nylons in hosiery in Europe, the foundation of Wolford was built. Thus, Wolford was capitulated to becoming the leading global fashion brand of today for high quality and sustainable legwear, lingerie and bodywear.

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